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Chip the Monk

Chip The Monk is a guiding light for children of all ages. In these uncertain times, Chip and the Harmony Village animals help children to know that happiness and harmony come from within.

And a little chipmunk will lead them…

Amidst the noise and chaos of today’s uncertain world comes a small, quiet voice of hope from an unlikely messenger—a thoughtful little chipmunk with a life-changing message for young and old alike.

Chip The Monk is available to order on Amazon today!

Chip the Monk Book Available on Amazon

The Harmony Animals

Chip the Monk, Dolly the Llama

Dolly the Llama

Chip the Monk, Holy the Cow

Holy the Cow

Chip the Monk, Timidy the Turtle

Timidy the Turtle

Chip the Monk, The Bees

The Bees


Harmony In Your Home

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