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“Work is love made visible.”

~ Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

This quote from The Prophet comes to mind whenever I think of this inspiring project. From the beginning, we all stepped back and allowed Love to lead the way. Through our connection, collaboration, and deep commitment to listening with the heart, Chip the Monk has made our love visible. I am grateful for the powerful part each person has played, and will continue to play, as Chip the Monk’s journey continues to unfold.

In Gratitude,


Our Team

Suzanne Sullivan, Chip the Monk

Suzanne Sullivan

Author and Visionary

 Suzanne has a heart full of devotion to the spiritual realm. She has received Spirit-given downloads about Chip the Monk for over twenty years and trusts completely that now is the time for Chip’s message to go out to children and families all around the world.

Pamela Breeze Bahr, Chip the Monk

Pamela Breeze Bahr


Pam is dedicated to finding the clarity beneath the chaos by editing away all that obscures it. Trusting the direction in which she is led allows inspiration to flow through her freely. Formerly a writer/editor in corporate America, Pam now works solely on projects that resonate with her heart.

Wendy Lorenzana, Chip the Monk

Wendy Lorenzana


Wendy is an audiovisual artist who has chosen to share her knowledge and talents to transmit positive messages through digital, static, and moving images. Her art invites people to take positive actions concerning themselves, their community, and the country where they live—promoting unity, kindness, and self-awareness.

Uros Slemenik, Chip the Monk

Uroš Slemenik

If this project was likened to a delicious loaf of bread, Uroš would be the yeast because he has been instrumental in helping Chip rise up! From publishing to shipping to finances—and so much more—his support has been invaluable. We are so grateful and honored to have him with us!

Rita Chance, Chip the Monk

Rita Chance


Rita Chance is on the Board of Directors for the Chip the Monk Foundation and helps in countless ways. Her joy-filled presence is felt throughout the entire project—we are indeed blessed by her steady love and generosity of spirit.

“Being the illustrator of this wonderful story fills me with gratitude since I feel that a loving and kind Presence chose me to portray it through shapes and colors. As they were coming out of my brush, the fantastic worlds and kind characters helped me stay in the Truth. This project started just when the pandemic began and nothing seemed stable in form, but focusing on the Truth helped me to choose love above fear. And every time I forgot, I had the Chip the Monk dream team holding space for me, just as the Harmony Animals did for Chip when he was frightened. Thank you, Chip, for choosing me to be your illustrator.” 

– Wendy Lorenzana

It is my divine pleasure to serve as a board member for the Chip the Monk foundation. My desire is to assist Chip the Monk and the Harmony animals in helping children and their families live a life established in the awareness that happiness comes from within!”

– Rita Chance

Chip the Monk Foundation

Our foundation is dedicated to providing children and their families with educational tools that teach positive ways to help relieve stress, communicate effectively, face life challenges, and—most importantly—stay happy and peaceful in an uncertain world.

Chip the Monk Foundation is a non-profit public charity operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Tax-deductible donations to support this important work are gratefully accepted.

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