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Chip The Monk

Chip The Monk book tells about a time when people everywhere have forgotten how to be happy. All hope has vanished. Will a very small chipmunk be brave enough to play his part in helping them to remember or will he hide under his bed and hope that someone bigger and stronger will take his place?

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Kind Words

“Thank you for the most delightful book. I grinned and giggled the entire time I was reading it. It warms my heart knowing that such a powerfully important message is beautifully told to our precious children. It’s a great reminder to us adults too.  I felt like my soul was reading the story to me. I love the book beyond words. It was a great surprise. Thank you.”

– Martha

“Just got my copy of Chip The Monk. I do love it. The graphics are amazing, the message is perfect and those wonderful eyes are captivating. I was also impressed with the packaging. Great work to all that put so much energy into this gem of a book. Well done!”

– Vicki

Chip Chip Hooray! 

Chip the Monk is now available on Amazon!

Chip the Monk Book

Chip The Monk / English

Chip the Monk Book, Spanish

Chip The Monk / Spanish